Why SmartYatru for online bus ticket booking in Nepal?

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Whether it be getting together with your family or escaping from your busy life, we travel a lot! Traveling alone to meet your loved ones or with friends for an adventure, traveling on road is the best. Yes, it may take more time than traveling through the air, but that is what makes road trips so special. Those long hours, waiting to see your family or a new place builds up lots of excitement and brings life to your whole journey.

We live in a digital world. Everything after the technological revolution has changed. People have become lazy but in a good way. That laziness has led to seeking convenience. And that has helped in the rise of online products drastically. Because the virtual service provides convenience more than the physical ones.

In the past, it was not like that. We know how hard it was pre-booking your seats for holidays a month or two before and still not even getting the choice of your seats. Not finding a bus on time for your tour. Compromising ourselves and wasting our valuable time because of the traditional booking ritual. On top of that, if the seats ended uncomfortably, we had to just bear with it.

Oh, the traditional ways of traveling and our trust issues. Well, it is changing slowly. The world is getting digital and so are we. We are slowly updating ourselves and trusting the digitalization. Almost every people have a smartphone in their hands and have access to the internet now. Everyone has started seeking convenience; whether it’s going out for a movie or paying your electricity bill.

Traveling itself may not be “life”, but it is what gives life a pinch of excitement. This is where we come in. SmartYatru is a fresh new online platform to make your travel experience easier and convenient. Instead of waiting in line for hours, we offer a simple and smart online ticket booking. With tourist buses having Comfortable seats, A/c and air suspension and the utmost safe drivers working with us, we can decrease a whole lot of your travel stress. Just a click and you have your choice of bus, seat, and comfort! We understand how frustrating it is for YOU not finding the ticket or the right seat. Which is why SmartYatru lets you choose the bus, time, date and seat according to YOUR preference.

Why choose us? A new product? Because we have better routes, better seats, and better deals!

New is better

New and safer routes

New and comfortable seats

New and Innovative Interface

New and Smart way to save time

New, Convenient and Unique experience

Free yourself from the hectic ticket booking stress. Make your yatra easier! Become a SmartYatru!

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