Why become a SmartYatru?

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Are you a travel junkie? Do you like to travel through road?  Then become a SmartYatru!


What is SmartYatru you ask?

Smart as in sharp and clever, Yatru meaning traveller in Nepal, SmartYatru means a traveller who is clever and sharp.

Since you know what SmartYatru is, let me tell you why you should become one.

The world is going digital as we speak, everything these days has digital/ online link. You can eat, book and order food online with apps like Foodmandu, FYMO, Bhojdeals,etc. You can pay your utilities and other expenses with apps like Esewa, Khalti, IMEpay, etc. you can get your groceries and other things with apps like esewapasal, daraz, sastodeal,etc.

So, why not travel easily with the use of app like that? SmartYatru is a new fresh online ticket booking platform providing you amazing deals and services to make you travel easier. We provide tourist bus services for various famous routes in Nepal like Pokhara, Janakpur, Chitwan and Kathmandu.

Sasto tickets and Sajilo booking is what we offer. That is why you should become a SmartYatru and  save yourself from spending extra time, money and energy.  Book your tickets online easily and free yourself from the hectic bus ticket booking.

Other reasons to become a SmartYatru:

  • AMAZING deals! Save your money.
  • Choose your seats EASILY.
  • Better and COMFORTABLE bus.
  • Booking made convenient, SAVE your time and energy by just one click.
  • Lots of operators to choose from, ALL IN ONE PLACE.
  • Pay online with PayPal, eSewa and IME pay.

So, just visit SmartYatru’s website or download the app and become a SmartYatru

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