SmartYatru’s android app launch announcement

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SmartYatru has launched its android app last week. The app provides seamless user experience and is very easy to navigate. App also allows users to view all the past and future bookings and manage the future bookings. App can be downloaded from the play store.

Bus ticket booking in Nepal has always been a very hectic and painful process. It is also very hard to find information about the bus operators and their contact details. Various websites have listed the operators contact details but most of them are incorrect and out-dated. People usually call the bus operators to book seats and that’s going on for years now. Travelers do not get any confirmation on whether the seats are booked or not and if booked there is no guarantee that they will get the expected seats. Also, as the payment is not taken during the phone booking process, the probability of booking getting cancelled is also very high.

SmartYatru was founded with the aim of solving the problems that travelers in Nepal are currently facing. It is not just for the travelers only, It is for the bus operators as well who wants internet exposure and make their online presence stronger.

With SmartYatru, travelers can search for buses running in various routes. In each route, there are a number of buses run by different operators. This gives travelers an option to pick and choose the operators/buses they like. Once a route is picked, travelers get an option to choose the seats they want and pay for the same. SmartYatru’s focus for now is customer service and care. We make sure the traveler gets the seats they paid for and not any other seats.

Payment for the tickets can be done using eSewa and PayPal. With PayPal, Nepali people living aboard or any other foreigner can easily book tourist bus tickets in Nepal with their PayPal account or Debit/Credit cards. Usually, for online transactions in Nepal, PayPal is not available so people who have PayPal accounts or international Debit/Credit cards cannot really make online purchases. But, with SmartYatru, traveler with PayPal/Debit/Credit cards can easily make payment and buy the tickets.

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