Why SmartYatru for online bus ticket booking in Nepal?


Whether it be getting together with your family or escaping from your busy life, we travel a lot! Traveling alone to meet your loved ones or with friends for an adventure, traveling on road is the best. Yes, it may take more time than traveling through the air, but that is what makes road trips so special. Those long hours, waiting to see your family or a new place builds up lots of excitement and brings life to your whole journey.

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Places to visit in Nepal


A country that is hugged by beautiful nature and diverse culture, Nepal is one of those places that will make your heart race and give you Goosebumps at the same time. Even though it is a small country, it has a lot to offer. Nepal cannot only be defined by the great Mount Everest; there are lots and lots of other beautiful hills and mountains, glorious rivers and lakes, Amazing Food and culture with unexpectedly friendly natives!

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