Kathmandu-Pokhara-Ghandruk : A travel experience

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The distance between Kathmandu to Ghandruk is approximately 300 km. We started our journey to Ghandruk at early October with my friends. We booked tickets online for a tourist bus to Pokhara. We departed early in the morning at 7 am. The ride to Pokhara was smooth and the view was amazing. We made stops at Malekhu, Mugling, and Bandipur to rest and enjoy the beauty of those towns. Mugling is considered to be the midpoint of Kathmandu and Pokhara. Malekhu is famous for the local fish from the river Trishuli. And Bandipur, has its own beauty.

We reached to Pokhara at about 3 pm. We had booked our hotel also through online, so we went there to get some rest. After resting for a while, we headed out to the famous Phewa Lake; we did boating for a longtime while enjoying the beauty of the lake and visited Taal Barahi Temple. We did some prayers and then returned to the shore. We then visited Pokhara Disney land which was a lot better and fun than we had expected. We took great photos and headed out to make our night more fun. There are lots of bars and lounges to casually hang out and have fun in Pokhara.

phewa lake
Marigold flower with Phewa lake in the background.

The next day, we headed out for our main destination Ghandruk. We went to Baglung Bus Park where got into the bus to Ghandruk. We departed at about 2 in the noon in a local bus. The fare was surprisingly cheap, Rs. 300 per person! We then began our journey. The road was bumpy and dangerous so the driver had to drive the bus slowly and safely, our destination was very far so we had to make stops for breaks for lunch and refreshments at Nayapul and other few places. We got to see amazing hilltops and vast forests. It was a long ride to Ghandruk. We entered Annapurna Conservation Area after few hours and got to Ghandruk after 2 hours or so.

Next morning, we woke up very early to watch the sunrise. We could already see the magnificent Mt. Annapurna and Mt. Machhapuchre staring at us. We clicked some pictures and when the sun finally rose and the rays touched the peaks of the mountains, it was really magical and mesmerizing. It was just amazing to see the beauty of Mother Nature up close. We took a lot of photos there because it was just too beautiful and we could not resist.

Mountain in Nepal as seen from Ghandruk

We headed down to explore the village after a while. The village was so peaceful and unique, and the villagers even more were so friendly. We went to a museum that showcased the lifestyle of Gurung people. After that, we headed back to our hotel and had breakfast which was so delicious. They served the breakfast of Gurung cuisine which was phapar(Buckwheat) bread and vegetable soup.

Gurung village in Ghandruk

We hiked further to tea garden in Ghandruk; there was a lot of stairs there as well. I didn’t count but there were more than 1000 stairs that led to a Buddhist temple and we could see the whole tea garden from up there.

We then went back to our hotel, had some lunch and returned to Pokhara as we came. There were some difficulties. Apparently all of the local buses were reserved by foreign tourists, so there were no buses for us to travel in. We tried to reserve a jeep ourselves but the cost was very high. We couldn’t afford it. So, we decided to walk, there was no other way. As we were walking down from Ghandruk, some kind-hearted people felt bad for us, so they gave us a lift to Nayapul. From there other local buses to Pokhara departed, so there were no any problems after that. We arrived at Pokhara in the evening, booked a hotel and got some rest.The next day we were to return to Kathmandu, but we couldn’t find any jeeps to reserve, so we decided to stay one more day in Pokhara and leave for Kathmandu the next day. We went to Bindabasani temple and Sarangkot. All of those places were very beautiful.

View of Pokhara valley from Sarangkot

Even though the visit was not enough for us, we had to head back home the next day with a promise to get back one more time and have even more fun. Someone rightly said: Visit Nepal – Once is never enough.

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