5 reasons to visit Nepal

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Nepal, a country blessed by the mother god of earth “Mt. Everest”, is a beautiful country with unique culture, amazing places and VERY friendly natives. If you are searching for a budget friendly tour, Nepal will be worth visiting to.
Here are some reasons why you should visit Nepal:

1) Country of mountains

YES, the highest peak, the breath taking Mt. Everest is in Nepal. Just imagine getting a glimpse of the highest peak in the world or even conquering it. You can get a chance to visit Mount Everest if you travel to Nepal. Don’t worry if you don’t want to climb the mountain itself, you can always hike or trek to the base camp and other amazing places around the peak; that only can also make your visit to Nepal an adventure to remember forever.

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2) Unique and diverse culture

If you are thinking of experiencing a new culture, visit Nepal! In Nepal, you have wide and diverse ranges of culture to experience, be it be food, festival or beliefs. Since it is a country rich of culture and religion, you will get a whole new perception of life with this. Most famous cultures in Nepal are: Newari Culture (The original natives of Nepal ), Sherpa culture and  Tharu culture. You also get a chance to see the religious beliefs and festivals of people in Nepal, most famous religion are: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity.

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3) Beautiful Lakes and rivers

Nepal is the second richest country for water resources. With this title, you will of course see lots of beautiful rivers and lakes. Whether be the highest or the lowest altitude of the country, you will see water everywhere. From Tilicho Lake to kali Gandaki, Nepal has amazing lakes and rivers to visit. You can raft and boat in some rivers and lakes or just enjoy the view.

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4) Friendly natives

Almost all of the people in Nepal are friendly. Forget the cold shoulders and rude behaviors, you will be welcomed with smile and respect by the people in Nepal. Not only, friendly, are they very helpful for tourists or new people. Their saying “atithi devo bhava“ means guests are god, so you will get lots of respect and hospitality in Nepal because of that belief. Some Nepalese are shy and may get away from you, but others are very friendly.

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5) Packed with natural beauty

Nepal is a country very small but it is packed with stunning terrains, hills, fountains and glaciers. If you think about only Mt. Everest when you think about Nepal, you are mistaken; there are lots of other beautiful mountains and hills, wildlife and jungles, glaciers and terrains!

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So, what are you waiting for? Visit Nepal and get the best experience that will live with you your whole life!

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